Inspired by the aesthetic of 35mm point and shoot film cameras, we wanted to make a pack that gave us those same feelings.


The DayDreamer Pack

As users of both film and digital cameras, we wanted to create something that felt like it could live next to film images, especially those point and shoot photos. This preset pack feels like flipping through a stack of old postcards, or stumbling upon long-lost photos in an old shoebox. It’s all about creating your own brand-new nostalgia.

These are the presets we use when we want something a little extra, when we want to get rid of that digital feel and evoke a feeling. Our other packs have come with a few vintage filmy presets, but we thought, ‘Why not make a pack that’s full of those?’

These presets give your photos the feeling of point-and-shoot 35mm film or old faded photographs you found in the attic– a bit gritty and imperfect. If you’re looking for clean editing, check out our Essential or Editorial pack.



DREAM 03 Film Shift

DREAM 02 Film+

DREAM 01 Film

DREAM 04 Film Light

Dream 07 1970's

DREAM 06 1960's

DREAM 05 Extra

Dream 08 1970's +

DREAM 11 Expired

DREAM 10 Cold

DREAM 09 Postcard


This pack is a little different. It's a little heavier and a little more experimental but also we think a little more fun. We were inspired by point and shoot cameras and underexposed and faded photographs. While it often will look great with just one click, remember that no preset can nail white balance and tint every time. Sometimes, all it takes is a nudge of warmth or a tweak of the tint to give your photo the tones you're after. It’s important to think of presets as your jumping off point so feel free to dive in and get creative!


Dream 13 BW+

What programs do these presets work on?
Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop)
What types of photos do these look best on?
These presets definitely excel on images with lots of light but that being said, they're meant to be experimental :)
How many presets come in the pack?
13 presets. 11 color and 2 black and white
Do you give refunds?
All sales are final. Due to the nature of a digital product we do not offer refunds. If you have any issues with your order please contact us directly at